Hierarchical organizations are killing knowledge management

Interesting article The Secret to KM Success about a book : The Myth of Leadership from Jeff Nielsen (a Ph.D. candidate in philosophy, a business consultant who specializes in strategy, organizational development and training.)
It posits that a new management paradigm, one that eschews hierarchy and rank-based leadership in favor of peer-based thinking, represents the future of business. In Nielsen’s peer-based world, information sharing and decision-making are open, transparent processes. Forget about closed-door meetings and exclusive strategy-setting offsite retreats; in Nielsen’s opinion, the most effective organizations will be those that replace C-level decision-makers with collective groups of employees who share everything they know and make company decisions accordingly.
From Megan Santosus who has a column : IN THE KNOW in the CIO‘s Knowledge Management Research Center.
This point of view is backed up by this survey : Information Sharing It’s all about what you know and what you choose to tell others. Written by CHUCK MARTIN chairman and CEO of NFI Research in Darwin Mag. I quote : “Because of top managers’ jockeying for position, information is a commodity used to attain advancement,” said another respondent. “Unfortunately, information is rarely provided unless the informer has something to gain.”

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