Community business

I recently read The Open Source Monopoly as it becomes very publicized. Lajos Moczar, who I already knew for his FlashGuides, points out that things have changed, and so should our opinions and judgement on Open Source.

But I think that it all relates to a more general phenomenon : communities grew from the Net and they are valuable power.

The winner is the one who drives his community. And every business
try to seduce the community more or less honnestly. I will just give
some recents moves (almost true) :

  • BEA Weblogic (J2EE application server) released its source code.
  • IBM, Sybase, Computer Associate and Ingres released their Database’s code.
  • The two main Open Source IDE : NetBean and Eclipse.
  • Sun releasing the source of Solaris OS.
  • GMail offering 1Go for free, followed by yahoo, AOL (and for french users.)
  • and the same goes for grid computing

In all this you will find more obvious business reasons than appetite for freedom or philosophical ideas.

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