MacOS and Java/XML developer

Just to remark that at least 3 Java/XML developers use a Mac and are very happy with it : Matt Raible ; Benoît Marchal (Switching to the Mac for the Java Developer) and Romain GUY. This is just one more reason for me to buy the powerbook I would like for almost 3 years …

Then I got this comment from Fred : I really like your logs and we have a lot of interests in common but I have to diagree with you on this. I upgraded to the latest Mac OS X, the latest JVM available for the Mac, but everytime I start Tomcat or any Java application, I just regret to have bought one. It’s just so slow compared to Windows or Linux x86…
Don’t take me wrong, Mac are the best for most of the things you can do with a desktop computer. But not for Java developer!
Java is compile once, run everywhere… but not the Mac. I got tonnes of exemple like ButterflyXML, some Netbeans features, this:… is for example really annoying me, etc
The worst is that you won’t get good results too with a free JVM on Linux PPC.

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