Blogging Until the End of the World

8 March 2005

Here are some things to read later :
mSpace: Exploring the New Web from InfoDesign: Understanding by Design. And as I tried the demo, install, read a bit of the code source, go to the projects home page, follow the link of a team member, go to her blog and find this very true remark : Blogging Until the End of the World (from a film by Wim Wenders “Until the End of the World”where a man become addicted to his own dreams).

Ajax for building web applications

8 March 2005

I have heard a lot about AJAX, from different places. I will just keep one link : Ajax for building web applications by Lars Trieloff, who sum up the importants points.
I am curious to know all the history of the fuss about AJAX, that is hapening now. I wonder if it started from TheServerSide : Direct Web Remoting: Call server-side Java from JavaScript ?

WordPress Resources

5 March 2005

WordPress’s themes : they aren’t as good as I first though they would.
I hope to find something like the date format of, but they use this : <div class="date"><span class="day">04 </span>March<br />2005, so it isn’t just a CSS problem. I checked the “Main template” but it won’t be that easy : the date appears for each post and not for each days. So I wont go further.
Maybe this could be nice too : YADDA.
Nice examples here :
Actually, I use the Default theme that I tweaked a little bit. (Using the source code is sometimes faster …)
Plugins I installed the wp-plugin-mgr that allow you manage your plugins (install/update/uninstall). It is nice, but it isn’t well integrated in the admin.