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WordPress’s themes : they aren’t as good as I first though they would.
I hope to find something like the date format of http://tomster.org/, but they use this : <div class="date"><span class="day">04 </span>March<br />2005, so it isn’t just a CSS problem. I checked the “Main template” but it won’t be that easy : the date appears for each post and not for each days. So I wont go further.
Maybe this could be nice too : YADDA.
Nice examples here : http://playwith.wpthemes.info/
Actually, I use the Default theme that I tweaked a little bit. (Using the source code is sometimes faster …)
http://wp-plugins.net/ I installed the wp-plugin-mgr that allow you manage your plugins (install/update/uninstall). It is nice, but it isn’t well integrated in the admin.

2 Responses to WordPress Resources

  1. Sylvain says:

    Ouah quel changement le peu que je puisse dire c’est que WordPress est vraiment “eye candy” y a pas à dire ça change de l’infâme truc verdâtre que tu avais avant !
    [Note pour plus tard, songer également à changer pour wordpress]

  2. Ben O'Neill says:

    It would be possible to display the date once at the top of all posts made on that day if you modify the theme.

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