Ajax for building web applications

I have heard a lot about AJAX, from different places. I will just keep one link : Ajax for building web applications by Lars Trieloff, who sum up the importants points.
I am curious to know all the history of the fuss about AJAX, that is hapening now. I wonder if it started from TheServerSide : Direct Web Remoting: Call server-side Java from JavaScript ?

One Response to Ajax for building web applications

  1. Ben O'Neill says:

    AJAX (Asynchronous JavaScript + XML) was coined by adaptive path (http://www.adaptivepath.com/publications/essays/archives/000385.php). Part of “the fuss” is that it improves the end users viewing experience, they don’t have to have the entire page reloading, good examples are Google Maps (http://maps.google.com/) and a the comment posting system at Benjamin Adam Howell’s website (http://www.benjaminadam.com/)

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