One or many IDE ?

Should a team use only one IDE, one OS and one JVM ?
At first it seemed right to me. It should even use the same installation path, so a clean checkout from the source repository won’t lead to a lot of running around and manually editing jdbc driver paths …
Then some argue that :
– only separate build server and build management guarantee project integrity; there should be no IDE specific whatsoever;
– keep developers happy;
– guaranties that project is IDE agnostic;
– helps having straightforward and well understood (and documentd) build/deploy process;
Same is applicable to OS, with Ant/Maven Java project can be pretty much OS independent and it is not that hard to maintain a bit if OS dependency if necessary. It actually may help streamlining and adressing such spots if team pays enough attention.

There are two points there : since developers are key to success, you shouldn’t put barriers to them and, as underline by the first comment, should the build process rely on the IDE ?

So the debate is open.

2 Responses to One or many IDE ?

  1. Is an IDE a build tool

    Bruno Vernay asks: One or many IDE . The question is wether software projects should standardize Operating System, Java Virtual Machine, Paths and the used IDE or wether they should standardize the build process by investing into build tools like Apac [read more …]

  2. admin says:

    What is Apac ?

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