A List Apart

There is a new version of the site : A List Apart : For people who make websites. The design is great and it is great under the hood too : CSS+XHTML, Ruby on rails and MySQL.
The articles are good : they really know the differences that make a site “Professional”. (By the way, I read that eBay is lagging.)
This week’s article is about javascript logging with fvlogger. It is shown as a debugging tool, which I think it is not ! (Venkman is, but only on Firefox/Mozilla.) But it is not a logging tools too, I would expect it to write logs in a file or database for latter research or exam.
At most, it will allow you to show messages (better than with an alert()) in a cross-platform way, if don’t wan’t to open Venkman and MS Visual Studio at the same time …
Don’t forget to check the discussions, there is a link at the end of the article, and they are usefull (and bad) comments (sdly, they are cut in pages wich I don’t find practical.)

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