Linguine Maps : visualization tool

A great visualization tool : Linguine Maps. (Comments in TSS) : is an open-source utility that can produce UML-style entity-relation diagrams from Ant, XML DTD, Hibernate mapping, and Object relational bridge (OJB) mapping.
It is a really great tool : I like diagrams !
A good thing is that it can be integrated into the build process (in Ant files.)
(The download is not easy to find, but it is there, see “Attachments” at the bottom of the left column.)

Note : For Spring, you can use Beandoc.

Note : they use binaries from Graphviz, wich isn’t java. This isn’t really a problem, but they ship with the MS-Windows binaries only ! So you will have to download the Mac port by PixelGlow and you will have a nice GUI (they won the Best Mac OS X Open Source Product in 2004 !) But the important part for Ant will be to replace
<!--property name="dot.exe" location="${bin}/graphviz-2.4/bin/dot.exe" /-->
<property name="dot.exe" location="/Applications/" />

in runme.xml.
Then you can run ant -buildfile runme.xml to generate all the examples.
There is also a DarwinPort of Graphviz, if you use this, the path is likely to be different.

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