WordPress plugin : Ultimate Tag Warrior

I upgraded the Word Press Plugin : Ultimate Tag Warrior to 2.8. This is the moment to write an article about it.
Well, her site is a mess : you will have hard time to just find the last version ! But the plugin is great.
I already explain why tags are generally better than fixed categories.
Then there are a few things to setup in Word Press in order to get the most out of your Tags.
You can get a help page on your site : WordPress/wp-content/plugins/UltimateTagWarrior/ultimate-tag-warrior-help.html.

In the default sidebar, you should add :
<h2>Tag cosmos</h2>
<?php UTW_ShowWeightedTagSet(sizedcoloredtagcloud); ?>

I found some hints about how to change the templates in Jarrod Trainque’s blog.

I show the “related posts” when a single post is selected : (in post template)

 if (is_single()) {
   echo "<p><small>Related posts :<ul>"; 
   echo "</ul></small></p>"; 

Note : to change the templates : go to Presentation / Theme Editor. Depending on your template, you may choose different presentations.

Finally, I set up a “tag cosmos” page : in the “Page Template”, I put after <div class="entrytext"?> this dirty hack :

<?php if ($post->ID==85) { ??>
   <p style="font-size: larger;"?>
      <?php UTW_ShowWeightedTagSetAlphabetical(sizedtagcloud); ??>
      <?php UTW_ShowWeightedTagSet("weightedlongtail") ??>
<?php }else { ??>
normal content ...

where 85 is the ID of a fake page I created. (replace with your own page ID.)
Then I put a link to this page in the “Tag cosmos” title of the sidebar.

2 Responses to WordPress plugin : Ultimate Tag Warrior

  1. tobto_ says:

    At last I’ve found what llok for – ontology plugin for wp. As I like textes 😉 this tool is a must for writer. Thanks a lot!!!

  2. Joseph says:

    My thanks also. This is just what i been looking for. Can you imagine? It’s already a maze of php code and manipulating in and around WP to make these modifications to take as everyone expects, that’s just from the girl herself.
    Can you imagine a brand new reader and especially a first time WP blogger coming online to this?
    Well that was me and i already posted &#38; received some very useful advice from Christine’s PHORUM!
    You just added some much needed sugar coating to an already sweet cake right here.

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