Local XML catalog

Because I am not always connected, I need to set up a local catalog of XML Schema (DTD, XSD and RelaxNG) so I can still validate my XML files.
The entries in the catalog allow you to map an URI (path to your local file) to a key of type “Schema location” (generally the file’s URL : http://…) This is the basis, but you can do smarter things. I will try for a next post.
I found some informations but no real consensus about how to set up such catalog. The problem is where to put the catalog file, where to put the shema and if possible find a convenient tool to manage the whole …
Here is what I found for now :

  • The environment variable is XML_CATALOG_FILES
  • The default catalog is in /etc/xml/catalog.
  • Finally, the shema could go to /usr/share/xml/ or /etc/xml/dtds

This is mainly what can be found in the Debian XML Policy.

Some references :

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