Validating web.xml : mime type error

If you ever try to validate the default web.xml Tomcat’s file : you will notice that there are errors due to a wrong pattern used in the Sun’s web-app_2_4.xsd schema.
The pattern doesn’t support the “+” used in application/mathml+xml or application/rdf+xml.
This isn’t quite an issue, because you just don’t really need to validate it. But since I use Eclipse : it runs validation easily and once it catch an error, it stay with an annoying red cross. Then, I had to make a local catalog of schema so I can validate off-line.
So,once I had the schema locally,it was easy to locate the buggy pattern and add the missing part (in bold) :
<xsd:pattern value="[\p{L}\-\p{Nd}]+/[\p{L}\+\-\p{Nd}\.]+"/>

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