The Linux Desktop

An article : What Is the Linux Desktop by Jono Bacon for (O’Reilly) gives some insight of what next Linux Desktop might looks like ! There are interresting new things, like SymphonyOS (great screenshots) and evolutions like Plasma (KDE) or Project Topaz (Gnome.)
Linux is still one step behind Mac or Microsoft in the Desktop field, but there are more choices and progress. Old windows managers are still maintained and there are lighter versions like XFCE that will run on old computers. On the other hand, new effects are available, if you can manage to install and config them on your own, like SuperKaramba.
The key to all this is hapening under the hood : the driver’s quality is essential, as well as the frameworks like Cairo, or hardware-accelerated interfaces like Xgl.
I really think that they should raise fonds to help the development of OpenSource and Free underlying techno of the Desktop.

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