Flock is the next big things

Well you have to try it ! Specialy if you already have a blog and a Delicious account : you have no excuse. There are many things going on about web semantic, like FOAF, RDF, Microformat, Folksonomy, but still almost no application to use them. (RSS being the sole exception.) Flock is one of them. One of the first client implementation that exploit thoses promises.

There is a lot of data on the web and still few mean to exploit them.

This post has been writen with Flock !
(Well it doesn’t mix well with UTW, but it is easy to change.)

5 Responses to Flock is the next big things

  1. We’re working with Matt to improve the way WordPress handles tags, so watch for that in a future release. Additionally, we’re adding categories in the next release, so that might improve your experience.

    Thanks for trying it out and glad you like it! We’ve got a lot of plans for Flock so stay tuned!

  2. bruno says:

    Who’s Matt ? I though you would work with http://technorati.com/profile/neato wouldn’t you ??
    By the way I don’t care much about category, if you read my blog 🙂
    Can’t wait for the updates …

  3. Thanks Bruno for your mail and your explanations, following your advises I gave Flock a try and I must say I really like the concept.

    People start using mozilla to spread their vision of the Web. It’s more than just developing extensions, it’s about distributing a consistent experience, as it has been done with GNU/Linux.
    Google might have done “google browser” (but I guess they thought they already had a sufficient grasp on the official Firefox), Flock is doing it, the RDF community might follow the same way with Piggy Bank to spread their vision of the semantic web.

    Long life to Flock! and I hope we gonna see some other little mozilla emerging on the Web.

  4. bruno says:

    You are right, what Flock does could already be done with a bunch of Firefox extentions. But Flock integrates them, as in a Linux distribution. There are no doubt about the added value.
    I remember Piggy Bank, but I gave up since I experienced serious slow down . I will try again some times.

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