Java Web Database Publisher and persistance

There are many solutions for database driven applications. An article in TSS raises questions about what to choose for what applications. I will extracts some thoughts :
There are “high level” frameworks like : OpenToro or DbForms and “low level” JSRs for persistence (JSR 243-JDO 2.0, JSR 220-EJB 3.0) that allow portable query languages (JDOQL, EJBQL) , in addition to SQL. There are good open-source implementations of these JSRs (JPOX, OpenAccess, Hibernate.) A lot of work has been put into these ; it seems a waste not to make use of them, and their accompanying tools.
OpenToro for example is restricted to SQL-92 and uses Reflexive Architecture.
I will try to investigate and compare if I have time …

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