Subversion on Mac OSX

30 November 2005

Easy : install this : Subversion-client and this : svnX a nice OSX GUI.
(SvnX project uses Trac : Integrated SCM & Project management a wiki and issue tracking system for software development. Looks good, I already saw it many times.)

What’s in your build ?

30 November 2005

To me it concern Continuous Integration : an article by Jay Fields (ThoughtWorks) about including tests in the build process : What’s in your build ?.
And as Lars Trieloff (Software Documentation Weblog) points out there is a comment worth reading !

About using CheckStyle :

I found this gem:
number.substring(0, Integer.parseInt (“3”)). Why?
Checkstyle was set up to report magic numbers > 2.
The developer in question (a lead !) wanted his code to look clean.

Useless Breaking news : OpenQA

30 November 2005

Useless Breaking news : OpenQA will open soon (maybe.)
For now there is only one page that isn’t giving a error 500 and is worth reading : Sponsors !
What interest me is that it will hold the Firefox Selenium Extension, for functionnal web testing.

It has been revealed in the mozdev mailing list.

OSS corporate interlinked

30 November 2005

I just found that Firefox Selenium Extension is sponsored by Contegix (a hosting compagny) which is part of Metissian which is releasing a native Subversion client for MacOSX. Funny.

Disable Dashboard

29 November 2005

I think I will try this : Disable Dashboard by Rob Griffiths in MacWorld.
Because the Dashboard consum memory and I don’t have much and I don’t use it often, so :
defaults write mcx-disabled -boolean YES

Anyway it is as easy to get it back :
defaults write mcx-disabled -boolean NO

John Vlissides is dead …

29 November 2005

Read in Martin Fowler blog : John Vlissides was one of The Gang of Four, who writes ‘Design Patterns‘ a really smart book.

Website testing

28 November 2005

I will test and wrote more on this but here are some hints :