The ServerSide

Once again, I loose my time reading an useless debate on TheServerSide : Is Ajax gonna kill the web frameworks?
Needless to say that there isn’t a lot to learn from.
Well I even tried ZK (an event-driven, XUL-based, AJAX-embedded, all Java framework to enable rich user interfaces for Web applications.) But it is very slow since all interaction are sent to the server. And maybe their server is slow too …
The point is that they should provide a real demo and not a list of working features.

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  1. Tom Yeh says:

    I apologized for the slow performance. It is slow because the server is Pentium III 300MHz, 384M RAM, and the upload bandwidth is only 512Kbps. We are looking for a co-location solution. Before that, please try to download the sample and try it on your machine. Thanks.

    Server-centric is from the viewpoint of the application. How to distribute the loading between client and server depends on the implementation of components. For example, an edit box is a component that does almost everything at client (by the browser’s native support). Similarly, listboxes and trees also do most of things in the client (by JavaScript). Unless you want to put business logic into the client, the performance is no different from pure-client or the ZK approach (for implementing rich interfaces).

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