What’s in your build ?

To me it concern Continuous Integration : an article by Jay Fields (ThoughtWorks) about including tests in the build process : What’s in your build ?.
And as Lars Trieloff (Software Documentation Weblog) points out there is a comment worth reading !

About using CheckStyle :

I found this gem:
number.substring(0, Integer.parseInt (“3”)). Why?
Checkstyle was set up to report magic numbers > 2.
The developer in question (a lead !) wanted his code to look clean.

2 Responses to What’s in your build ?

  1. bruno says:

    Interesting, it reminds me an article http://www-128.ibm.com/developerworks/blogs/dw_blog_comments.jspa?blog=317&entry=67637&ca=dgr-lnxw03MSrejectsUML
    where Grady Booch (IBM) regrets the “manufacturing metaphor” of the DSL used by Microsoft. He points out that : “software is an R&D activity, not a production activity”.

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