Web 2.0 production

26 December 2005

There has been a lot of talking about Web 2 and what it means. But this talking didn’t bring much knowledge.
Now, I read TechCrunch (Tracking Web2.0) and I see a lot of products (web applications) coming up. Will it bring more productivity, ease our today job and enhance our lives ?
I will just quote the end of an article about yet_an_other_social_bookmarking_site …

But, as you can see, for just about every feature, there are multiple companies already attacking the space with vigor. Good luck to all. It’s going to be a long, hard fight. With perhaps as much as a $30 million payout at the end of the day.

(The rumour states that Yahoo could have paid about $100 per user, Delicious has about 300k users.)

Until we get a distributed open source application, P2P based, we will have to cope with thoses corporates fighting to gather a big community (user base) and sell it.

Bug Trackers: Do They Really All Suck?

15 December 2005

Bug Trackers: Do They Really All Suck? an article by Matthew B. Doar, the author of Practical Development Environments (in O’Reilly).
Raises some warning, but only scratches the surface and leaves the answers and solutions up to the comments.

Face recognition in Photo : Riya

13 December 2005

A very kool online service may come : check Riya Photo Search. It provides face recognition to automatically tag your photo !

Javascript Sparklines Library

13 December 2005

I found good articles in my recently added MDC WebWatch Planet. Today : a nice and simple library to use Sparklines.
And a compiling a list of the top CSS articles of 2005. Some interesting articles from this year’s archives.

Avoiding Oblivion in Your Tech Career

12 December 2005

Avoiding Oblivion in Your Tech Career an article by Michael Havey in O’Reilly Network. He gives some advices, but as the comment states, it is already a challenge to sustain a “Tech Career” …

I switch to simpy

9 December 2005

Since there isn’t no fun in del.icio.us, I am trying Simpy for my social bookmarks. Looks like there are more features for now (and del.icio.us sync …)

International Phonetic Alphabet for English

9 December 2005

Who said English was easy … Here are some hints :