Eclipse 3.1.1 and WTP 1M09

As usuall, a real pain to install. First, I don’t know how to upgrade from Eclipse 3.1 to 3.1.1. So I simply removed Eclipse 3.1 and downloaded the new Eclipse Platform 3.1.1. I tried to select the other features from the platform itself (help/software update), but it always complain that Java Development Tools where missing. So I downloaded JDT from the Web site, copy into the Eclipse directory, but it was still missing. So I had to enable it in the configuration … Then, finally I could choose the needed components (see my previous post) I didn’t choose WTP 0.7, because I wanted to see version 1M0.9 …
The more I use Netbeans, the more I like it …

4 Responses to Eclipse 3.1.1 and WTP 1M09

  1. Saritha says:

    How to install WTP in Eclipse 3.1.1 platform

  2. Saritha says:

    How to install WTP in Eclipse platform

  3. Bruno Vernay says:

    What is your problem ? I gave some explanation in “my previous post” (see the link in the post.)
    If you are totally new to Eclipse, you will have to read some documentation fisrt.

  4. suwit says:

    I required Eclipse 3.1.1 and WTP 1M09

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