Social Bookmarking Tools

Social Bookmarking Tools 1/2 and 2/2 articles in D-Lib magazine.
I admit, that I only read 10%, I bookmarked Furl (fast), Simpy (group oriented) and Connotea (openSource) since I am a bit disappointed by (slow and not really usable, maybe with Flock ?)
Social web needs tools, until then Google is the best tool (for me.) But there is still many to test
I would dream about a distributed architecture, where every one would store/share a part of the global tags. The problem is that no free service can offer an infrastructure big enough for a wide audience (delicious is slow.) The only solution is that every user could offer a bit of his cpu/bandwith/storage. But I fear that I may have to wait some more … until social goes free …

4 Responses to Social Bookmarking Tools

  1. Kossatsch says: is not really slow in my opinion. It was recently acquired by Yahoo, good and bad news at hte same time. Think about your needs – what is important for you – a big community /Furl,, many import/export features (Furl, maybe Connotea), a really good bookmarkelt interface (, with AJAX)?

  2. bruno says:

    Slow is relativ, of course. I would say it is slower than gmail for example.
    Then the community, obviously it is important, and no doubt that it is what Yahoo bought.

  3. ycc2106 says:

    Would this help?
    I’ve tested a lot of them, if you need advice you are welcome.
    NB: and I don’t work for any of them 😉

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