The future of HTML, Part 1: WHATWG

The future of HTML, Part 1/2 : WHATWG The Web Hypertext Application Technology Working Group’s approach to improving HTML, by Edd Dumbill in developerWorks / XML | Web architecture.

He examines the various ways forward for HTML that Web authors, browser developers, and standards bodies propose. It covers the incremental approach embodied by the WHATWG specifications and the radical cleanup of XHTML proposed by the W3C. He gives an overview of the W3C’s new Rich Client Activity. Here in Part 1, Edd focuses primarily on two specifications being developed by WHATWG: Web Applications 1.0 (HTML5) and Web Forms 2.0.

At least, something more concrete than Web 2.0. But WHATWG was supposed to speed up things, because W3C isn’t leading the way as it should be. Sadly, it looks like they just made a third way of doing things, much like Atom added to the mess of RSS 1 and RSS 2, not cleaning the mess.

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