Fedora and proxy definition …

There are really too much places for proxy defintion in Linux !

  • /etc/profile.d/proxy.sh : this will enable a lot of command line tools (yum, curl, …) to find the proxy (note : once uppercase once lower case …) :
    export http_proxy=http://proxy.domain.com:3128/
    export no_proxy=.domain.com
    export HTTP_PROXY=http://proxy.domain.com:3128/
  • yumex (the graphical yum) has his owne preference with proxy definition.
  • RPM : you will have to define macro in /etc/rpm/macro :
    %_httpproxy proxy.domain.com
    %_httpport 3128
  • Gnome “Configuration editor” has a proxy definition too.
  • Firefox
  • subversion : in ~/.subversion/servers

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