Fedora core 4, PHP4 and postgresql 8

Fedora core 4 comes with PHP5 wich is a new version of the PHP package. (The point is that PHP4 and PHP5 are the same package. So you can’t simply urpmi or yum php4.)

You may need PHP4 for some reasons : compatibility, performance. (I heard that there might be a compatibility flag in PHP5 ??)

Step 1 :change the repositories for PHP

Exclude PHP from the current (fc4) repository, so it won’t be upgraded. In /etc/yum.repos.d/ : add exclude=*php* *jpgraph* in every .repo file.

Add the Fedora Core 3 updates (and extra for JPgraph) repository with the option includepkgs=*php* jpgraph*.

Step 2 : install the compatibility library

Now, you could install PHP4, but not php_pgsql : you would have a dependency problem with Postgresql libpq.so.3 !

So you need to download a compatibility library :

curl http://developer.postgresql.org/~devrim/compat-postgresql-libs-3-3PGDG.i686.rpm > compat-postgresql-libs-3-3PGDG.i686.rpm
rpm --import http://www.gunduz.org/devrimgunduz.pgp.pub
yum install compat-postgresql-libs-3-3PGDG.i686.rpm
yum install php-pgsql

Note : there is a compat-db in Fedora’s repository, but it is for The Berkeley DB database library.

3 Responses to Fedora core 4, PHP4 and postgresql 8

  1. Mark says:

    Thanks a bunch. That worked and help me with my compatibility problems. I n case someone stumbles across this, I was having a problems with Mambo and Akobook and other components. Mambo core works fine with php5, but many components don’t as they are written for php4. I downgraded with this pages help (FC4) 32-bit, mysql, apache. Worked good. Thanks!

  2. morganusvitus says:

    The site looks great ! Thanks for all your help ( past, present and future !)

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