Google Pages where are they going ??

23 February 2006

By Nik Cubrilovic From techcrunch : Google Pages Released

The problem here is : "… this may be a step towards a CMS suite for small businesses that would include some form of super-blogger, along with free domain registration … I just can’t help thinking that this product feels unfocused and underdeveloped – especially coming from a company such as Google." 

So what are they going to do ?? 


Performance monitoring

23 February 2006

Shorts notes on performance monitoring :

  • Nagios : not a good idea. Nagios isn’t made for this even if there is a chapter about “Performance Data”, it is only seen as a side effect of service monitoring. ie : how did service monitoring perform.
  • KSysguard : looks good : client/server application. Client uses KDE.
  • Moodss : looks good too. Client/server application. Client uses TCL. Has some intelligent statistic processing.
  • sysstat (sar/sadc) : command line tool. The standard way. Less invading than the others I guess. Only recently can the data be easily formated : sadf.

For MS-Windows, you can use perfmon : Performance monitor in the administrative tools.

OS, Server, cluster, emulator

23 February 2006

The possibilities are expanding. You can :

  • run an OS on more than on server (cluster)
  • run many OS on one server : Virtualisation (there are different levels, where the OS is more or less close from the Hardware)
  • run an OS as if it was an application : coLinux
  • run applications for one OS onto another (Port) : Cygwin/X ; XMing; FSU ; Wine
  • run remote application : VNC, FreeNX, SSH,
  • I will try to complete the list as I found new stuff.

    Comparison of XML schema for narrative documents

    22 February 2006

    Comparison of XML schema for narrative documents is aimed at helping you to choose between DITA, XHTML, Docbook and BNML (Elkera). But as it underscores the weaknesses and danger of each kind of markup, it allow to better use the one you have choosen, maybe for other reasons. For example docbook has a wide support and it could be an argument. I regret that they didn’t give a little history of each schema. I hope Norman Walsh will read this !
    Author: Andrew Squire and Peter Meyer (Elkera XML document publishing)

    post from Scott Abel (The Content Wrangler about CMS and DITA)

    post from Lars Trieloff (Software Documentation Weblog)

    My PC

    13 February 2006

    I first used to talk about “my PC”, referring to my “home work”. Now I should talk about my network : I have 2 PC a home. Precisely, I have a laptop Powerbook 12” and an old Athlon 600Mhz pluged on my flat TV … Well, for now it is a headless server. I run a X11 server on the PowerBook. I am in the process of upgrading the OS, so I didn’t use it a lot. The only problem so far was a file selection widget not working. But I was happy to see that it is a possible solution using Firefox through a WiFi connection was OK.

    Well, for now it looks like Mandriva is trying to download 2Go of RPM … good night. I am not sure that there is enough disk space !!

    X11 on MS-Windows

    13 February 2006

    I already know Cygwin/X (01/2006), it is a free, full featured X and unix environment. But there are alternatives : XMing (02/2006) ! It is only an X server : so it is enough if you only have to connect to a remote Linux server. Note that you can still use Microsoft SFU or coLinux (02/2004).

    It looks like they are no new release for 2 years. Maybe other solutions like VMWare or Xen are prefered (if you have a lot of memory).

    For now, I only used Cygwin/X, but it is sad that good UTF-8 support is still lacking !

    Castelhémis, couldn’t resist …

    13 February 2006

    … to share this : Castelhémis !!!

    It is a french songwriter. Oh et puis zut, je peux aussi bien continuer en français … j’écoute toujours avec plaisir Armes Inégales. Jamais réédité en CD … sniff. Ils pourraient numériser les bandes pour les mettre dans le domaine public !!!

    Ca devrait être remboursé par la sécu !!!