Overview of Test management tools

a short comparison of Open Source Test management tools. I grabbed the list from OpenSourceTesting.

  • Test Link : looks good. PHP ; Not as well organized as QATrack, but good enough and improving. Interface with Bugzilla, Mantis and Jira. Word and Excel export. Install and config very easy. i18n. Good documentation, worth reading ! Best community (Forum, bugtracker, …)
  • QATrack : Best organisation so far (Products, version, plan, scripts, tests cases …) Looks great (maybe not enough colors). PHP. Interface with Bugzilla. I didn’t see export functions. No i18n ! No community (forum, wiki …). Test case are very fine grained. Great for managers and if you are heavy on tests. Commercial support available.
  • rth : Looks good. PHP. Excel export. No i18n ! No community (forum, wiki …) Manual and automatic tests cases. Commercial support available.
  • SaloméTMF : Looks good. Java applet/MySQL. Manual and automatic tests cases. Great documentation. HTML export. i18n, Good community (Forum, bugtracker, …) Plugin architecture. Need more info about the automatic tests scipts !! Commercial support available.
  • Bugzilla Test Runner : looks bad (like bugzilla). PHP. Integrate closely with bugzilla.
  • FitNesse : Not really what you would expect. The test cases are supposed to be self describing. You have to understand the simili-code. Not for managers, nor for great reports.
  • Software Testing Automation Framework (STAF) : Not what you would expect !C/C++. It seems to be big, but definitively for developers only !
  • Tesly : No more a SourceForge Project and so, not free …
  • Test Environment Toolkit : “offers the core facilities of TETware to UNIX and Linux users only. It is provided as an open source, unsupported, command-line product.” You are warned. No web here, it is low level tests.
  • Testmaster : PHP, SourceForge (last release : 2004).
  • Testitool : Dead project, now it is Test Run.
  • Test Run : free for Open Source project.

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