Java Posse Podcast

I have been listenning to the Java Posse for a month now. Since I don’t have many poscast to listen to for now, I downloaded all the old episods. There are some pretty good interviews.
Over all, it is motivating and I guess that I will spend less time on TheServerSide, at least !
On the downside, they are too much about “Java is as good as Rails”, “Java is as fast as C”, as if people listenning to them, the “Java Posse”, didn’t already had an opinion … Then there is this IDE discussion that isn’t always covered by real information … and finally, they never resists to some speculation about what they read or heard in the blogosphere.
Well something more technical wouldn’t hurt. If they could try to get in touch with the people involved in the subject they talk about, it would be great. I think that Skype could allow some instant informations.
This is my opinion. Then, there is an article in ONJava by Chris Adamson about The Java Podcast. They state that there are only about 2 500 downloads which seems very few ! But I don’t know what is the average number for a Podcast. Anyway, I think that it will increase, like the mobile phones !

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