PostgreSQL grant limitations

User management is very different in MySQL and PostgreSQL.
Generaly, PostgreSQL is superior (groups, no host dependencies …) But there is a really annoying point : you can’t grant rights on all the table in a schema !

For example you grant select on table Tone, Ttwo, Tthree TO Joe; OK Latter, you add a table “Tfor”. You will have to grant select on table Tfor to Joe;
The only solution to automate this would be to run a cron job every hours to add the missing rights !
In MySQL you simply grant SELECT on schema.* to Joe; Ok, maybe it isn’t ANSI SQL, but so usefull !

At least there are some scripts you can run to setup the right on many tables at once :

And here is an old thread about potential solutions : pgsql-hackers 2005

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