Eurovision is fun, at last

I have been watching the Eurovision for some years now and at last things are changing ! Humour won this year ! Just look at Eurovision’s web site.
See the monsters ? Well they are not monsters, but winners.

So, thanks to Finland (#1), Lithuania (#6) and Latvia (#16) for their will to change things !
Some others were good too, but not as originals ! I liked Turkey (#11), Germany (#15) very American as usual, Switzerland (#17) almost, the russian (#2) choregraphie was nice. The Romanian (#4) singer showed a funny bit of his voice’s capability, but too little alas. Bosnia & Herzegovina (#3) was nice too.
The worst would be something like the Sweden (#5) with a very formatted song, hope we will get rid of this kind of winning strategy.

So who voted for the fun ? :
1 Ireland
2 Iceland, UK
3 Estonia, Denmark, Greece, Latvia, Poland, Norway, Sweden
4 Spain, Andora, Croatia, Germany, Lithuania

PS : I had the chance to heard about this Finlandese Rock Band before, thanks to Charles Lowell who spoke about them in the Drunk And Retired Podcast !

2 Responses to Eurovision is fun, at last

  1. Cote' says:

    Well, I’m glad we helped introduce Lordi to you 😉

  2. Justin Hawkins, former frontman of glam rock band The Darkness, is bidding to perform at the Eurovision Song Contest. The flamboyant singer and guitarist is one of six acts competing to represent the UK in this year’s competition.

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