Do not use MySQL Administrator for backup

It isn’t well designed ! Looks attractiv at first, but it isn’t realy for production use. So keep your backup script.
I loose 2 hours, trying to use MySQL Administrator on Windows, because don’t know a lot about scripting in Windows. So you create a backup project and MySQL Administrator creates :

  • a windows’s “Scheduled Task”. It ask you which windows user you want to use.
  • a project_name.mbp : the backup definition
  • a mysqlx_user_connections.xml : the MySQL users definitions

Problem is : the 2 files are created in C:\Documents and Settings\[user]\Application Data\MySQL !
Big problem is the MySQL users file is used by MySQL Administrator and
MySQL Query. Passwords have to be recorded in the file and you don’t really know wich user will perform the backup !
They really should put the MySQL user/password in the backup project and put the project file in the MySQL data directory.

One Response to Do not use MySQL Administrator for backup

  1. Don says:

    Ah hah! This may be contributing to my problems – the tool has worked in the past but it will not work when I give it a domain level admin acct (MS Windows 2003 servers). Glad this got picked up by the search engines. Thanks!

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