Firefox extensions

21 July 2006

Here are some usefull Firefox extensions

  • for everyday :
    • Use Flock 🙂
    • PermaTab 1.2.0 : with a simple right click, you mark a tab as permanent. Next time you start Firefox, the “permanent tabs” will open automatically. It is lightweight, simple and robust (8ko), unlike SessionSaver or SessionManager (56 and 126 ko) !
    • Viamatic foXpose 0.3 (16ko) (or Showcase 0.7.0 :136ko) : view all the browser windows with a single click. For thoses who own a Mac, it is like Exposé.
    • Complete 1.1 : A sidebar for the social bookmarks manager.
    • 1.1 : simply add 2 buttons and optionnaly a menu.
  • for developpers :

Be carefull : Firefox alone needs a lot of memory, the more you add big extensions, the worse it will be and the more it will crash ! And, as Josep del Río, creator of ShowCase, pointed to me, the package size doesn’t represent simply what is loaded in memory. A little package may be more memory hungry than a bigger one. You have to check your memory size to see the real effect of an extension and there may be memory leaks too …