Fedora FC5 Grub problems

18 September 2006

I am installing Fedora Core 5 on my MSI K8NGM2-FID. I run into some problems I would like to share. (I used LILO before, it is much easier, but you have to evolve.)

I have a PATA and a SATA drive. I wanted to boot on the SATA.
The whole problem with GRUB (v0.97) is that it doesn’t guess the correct value !
I tried to use the utilities : grub-install or even the setup command of the grub shell, but neither works !!
First : it doesn’t find the right BIOS disk number.
Second : it doesn’t see that /boot has its own partition.

So you better do it yourself : use the install command :

  • Modify your device.map with the right BIOS values.
  • Modify your grub.conf to use (hd0,0) and a /boot partition. It is generally the case.
  • Enter the grub shell with
    grub --device-map=/boot/grub/device.map
    and type :
    root (hd0,0)
    install (hd0,0)/grub/stage1 (hd0) (hd0,0)/grub/stage2 p /grub/grub.conf

One good point with GRUB, is that even in case of problems, as long as it has loaded stage1, you get a shell where you can type the command necessary to boot your system.

What’s the use of Dublin Core?

12 September 2006

What’s the use of Dublin Core? ask Adriaan M. Bloem in CM Pros. (read from ColumnTwo.)
The point is that metadata aren’t used on the web. You can still use them internally, but what the point to publish them on the web ?
I think that AI will be good enough to extract metadata from plain text when their usage will grow eventually.
I had the same feeling when I was interested in Social Networking. You can create a foaf.rdf, but who will use it ? what software will consume it ? Instead the “Social Networking” thing has taken the direction of MySpace, FaceBook, LinkedIn … i.e. centralised in the hands of a few big companies not distributed !

Update : it is going even further ! I read in TechCrunch that :

the COO of News Corp. says that Web 2.0 is leaching traffic off of MySpace, that they can build their own services to compete with any of it and that there’s going to be an increasingly aggresive commercial push on the site.

So even the server collaboration aspect of the “Web 2.0” stuff may be too much for some.