Synergy2 : a substitute to wireless keyboard and mouse

22 December 2006

I installed Synergy2 on my Fedora Core 6 FC6 linux and my Mac PowerBook osx : it is very easy lightweight and fun. Now I can control my Linux box from the sofa … choosing and pausing movies a piacere.

NoMachine NXserver : Linux remote desktop … install

22 December 2006

I installed the free and OSS NX server on my Fedora core 6 FC6 and the client on my Mac (PowerBook osx) and it works really well !!
I just had a few problem to install the server : You have to put localhost.localdomain in your /etc/hosts.allow and add the line AuthorizedKeysFile /usr/NX/home/nx/.ssh/authorized_keys2 in /etc/ssh/sshd_config.
The error messages would be : ssh_exchange_identification: Connection closed by remote host and nx not allowed to connect.
To debug and see SSH messages : tail -f /var/log/secure and as client : ssh -v

Google bookmark hacks

20 December 2006

More about the Google Bookmark service.
The “Official” service doesn’t do a lot by itself in fact ! Much of what I like is provided by the GMarks Firefox Extension.
But I hope that it will improve to the point where your search history and bookmarks will have a great influence on the Google search.
Now, there is a lack of tools ! Like I already said, (but seems that no one is paying attention), all the social/semantic web is lacking tools. There are formats, standards, languages, but nothing to use them effectively.

So here are some references to hack the Google Bookmark service :

I hope to see more of this

Firefox bookmarks, notes, history and search and usefull extensions

18 December 2006

Finally I found what I wanted for years …
A combination of Gmark, WebComment and eventually GoogleToolbar.

  • GMarks is an extension to display/manage your Google bookmarks AND search in the pages you have bookmarked ! It would be great to search in your history pages too. Anyway, I think that the key point is that the search engine (Google) has to be tight to your bookmarks and history.
  • webcomments makes it easy to see what bloggers are saying about a page you’re viewing in Firefox and even make your own blog post about it ! Well it needs to be managed carefully if you don’t want your blog to be scattered with comments about every site you visit …
  • The Google toolbar is well known, I am evaluating it for the moment.

I discovered Firebug : this IS a great piece of software ! It is a mix of the Web developer, Tamper Data and Javascript debugger with more usability ! Of course you may not find all the functionalities, but most of the informations you may seek will be found easily with this single extension.

And I still use

Linux and choice problem

18 December 2006

One of the thing that I have difficulties with is the number of choices you have to make when you choose Linux. First you have to choose a distribution, then a desktop manager and basically, you have about 10 application to choose from for each basic needs.
Some argue that this is an advantage, but I found some informations to show that on a usability point of view, this is clearly retaining people to switch to Linux :
Choice Overload and other Paradoxes and

sudo and cron

12 December 2006

On the Mac OS X you cannot run as root, you have to use sudo every time. If you want to put something in your cron, this can be difficult.
One solution is to use visudo and the sudoers.

On Fedora, you will have to remove Defaults requiretty from the /etc/sudoers.
Otherwise you will get the error : sudo: sorry, you must have a tty to run sudo

Thanks to : ProgX and Google.