Blog management

26 January 2007

There are many ways to host a blog : it can be

  • use a dedicated service like, Bloggers …
  • install the application on a general hosting provider
  • install the application on you home computer and host it yourself

Each solutions have pro and cons. I won’t debate this, just point out that over the years, your blog will move.

As long as your old blog is still hosted and its URL remains valid, it isn’t much a problem. But even so, wouldn’t it be great to keep the whole history in one place ? For example it would allow you to search for a keyword or category and have all the results in one place.

So, since a blog is a little bit structured, it is feasible to export/import from one host to another all the content and almost all the metadata.

It is just that the applications are missing, at least in the OSS world.

There are a few progress :

But it would make more sense to have a stand alone application which would import/export/synchronize to different blog platforms and hosts. Maybe with the progress of Atom/feeds libraries like ROME or Abdera and individual work like Yichao did, it will become a reality.

Wait and see …

GUI for IPTables, NetFilter

25 January 2007

I found the following :

Which one should I choose ??

New release : Apache FOP Version 0.93

25 January 2007

It is very slow development, so enjoy Apache FOP Version 0.93 !

PowerBook 12′ upgrade

25 January 2007

I experienced some slow down with a new application : ADIBOU “learn English”.

So I started looking for ways to upgrade my PowerBook performance.

I found a lot of advices to add memory (I have 512Mo, I could go to 1,2Go). But only one site really explained how to be sure if the lack of performance is memory related. You have to launch the “Profile manager” and look at the number of “memory page out”. When the system runs out of memory, it writes chunk (“pages”) of memory to the Hard Drive to free some space, hence the slow down.

In my case, I saw that no memory pages where written to disk, so my problem won’t be solved with more RAM.

Then, there is the processor : it is already a G4 at 1,5GHz, almost the fastest that can fit in a PowerBook 12′, besides it is very expensive to change.

And the Hard Drive : it is a Hitachi TravelStar 60Go 5k 8Go so all I can do is to put a 7k like the Travelstar E7K60 but I fear it would be expensive, increase heat and consumption …

Bookmarks question

24 January 2007

Like many old web user, I have to struggle with a long old list of bookmarks, that has been from local to Delicious tag mess, to Google Bookmark … and, like Dora the Explorer, it may be the time to “stop and think”. Or stop and google for other people solutions …

So now, I felt almost happy with Google Bookmark and the GMark extension. Just seeking a way to automatically classify those bookmarks.

During all those research I found that there are finally some changes going on. Most notably Firefox 3 will feature a new system for storing bookmarks, history, and other information about pages : Places. The link goes to the Wiki where a lot of discussions goes on and there are links to references on the subject.
References :

Measuring project health

23 January 2007

Measuring project health: Part One
Nice article by Kurt Bittner in developerWorks (IBM). A it is only the beginning of a series.
Best I can do is to quote the resume :

from The Rational Edge: What project managers choose to measure as a gauge on performance generally receives the team’s special attention. Naturally, project health depends on accurate metrics, but more importantly it requires that the right things be measured. This article describes some of the fallacies associated with traditional software project metrics, then focuses on effective measurement during the Inception phase.

Photo gallery

22 January 2007

I am searching a photo Gallery : I don’t need much bandwidth, but a lot of storage space.

  • Picasa (Google) : 250Mo (6Go for $25/year)
  • Gallery 2 (Menalto) : Seems to be THE solution. There is even an iPhoto plugin !
  • Album Shaper 2.1 (04/2005) Qt. Based on XSLT and XSD : 5 themes available. The application is more about tweaking the photo and description than creating album. For example, there is nothing to help you modify the templates.
  • ImgSeek 0.8.6 (01/2006) Python/Qt Linux. Not really focused on HTML album creation too.