Push Ajax lost in buzz noise

I watched the Webcast : Ajax Push and Collaborative Enterprise Applications – Vendor Webcast about the ICEfaces framework.
Two remarks :

  • It is very long : more than 1 hour ! In the same amount of time, I could have read a (good) article and have some entertainment. The WebCast format didn’t convince me, but to be fair I don’t think I was the intended audience for this one, even if I learned a big news.
  • I didn’t know about the non-blocking IO solution ! This is big and great ! Looks like AJAX buzz made so much noise that this information get lost to me !

It is big in that it involves changes in the Servlet handling level. There are explanation here : Ajax, Comet and Jetty

Before that, what was called “push” was in fact a regular polling of the server. Now, it isn’t still a real push : the server doesn’t initiate the connection to the client. But the result is about the same, the browser send an asynchronous request to the server and only when it is needed, the server will send the answer. If the connexion timeout, the javascript simply send the request again.
With traditional J2EE this wasn’t possible since each connexion is handled by a thread, now with non-blocking connexion, it is feasible. A good point is that ICEFaces is free and OpenSource, but if by chance your application is successful, they will sell the non-free clustering solution …

3 Responses to Push Ajax lost in buzz noise

  1. Ted Goddard says:

    Are there specific things you were hoping to learn from the webcast?

  2. Bruno Vernay says:

    OK, I rephrased my first post to be more clear about your Webcast.
    It was the first webcast of this kind I watched, so I didn’t expect anything precisely. But I am more into the technical stuff, the video quality made it hard to read the screen, I didn’t find the presentation on the ICEFaces site, nor a dedicated chapter and graphic about the Non-blocking IO Servlet / thread stuff. Nor anywhere else to be honest.
    Maybe I am over reacting about this reverse AJAX things ? Or are there to few people to realize how new it is ?

  3. Ted Goddard says:

    We think Ajax Push/Reverse Ajax/Comet is revolutionary because it allows users to communicate with each other through the web with each different web application potentially bringing interesting new forms of communication. The idea is that ICEfaces will give developers the tools to easily develop Ajax Push applications … but developers as a whole will need to see a variety of these applications before the subject becomes commonplace. Using HTTP in the way required by Ajax Push is contrary to many of the APIs and optimizations that have been put in place so far (such as the Servlet API).

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