PowerBook 12′ upgrade

I experienced some slow down with a new application : ADIBOU “learn English”.

So I started looking for ways to upgrade my PowerBook performance.

I found a lot of advices to add memory (I have 512Mo, I could go to 1,2Go). But only one site really explained how to be sure if the lack of performance is memory related. You have to launch the “Profile manager” and look at the number of “memory page out”. When the system runs out of memory, it writes chunk (“pages”) of memory to the Hard Drive to free some space, hence the slow down.

In my case, I saw that no memory pages where written to disk, so my problem won’t be solved with more RAM.

Then, there is the processor : it is already a G4 at 1,5GHz, almost the fastest that can fit in a PowerBook 12′, besides it is very expensive to change.

And the Hard Drive : it is a Hitachi TravelStar 60Go 5k 8Go so all I can do is to put a 7k like the Travelstar E7K60 but I fear it would be expensive, increase heat and consumption …

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