Blog management

There are many ways to host a blog : it can be

  • use a dedicated service like, Bloggers …
  • install the application on a general hosting provider
  • install the application on you home computer and host it yourself

Each solutions have pro and cons. I won’t debate this, just point out that over the years, your blog will move.

As long as your old blog is still hosted and its URL remains valid, it isn’t much a problem. But even so, wouldn’t it be great to keep the whole history in one place ? For example it would allow you to search for a keyword or category and have all the results in one place.

So, since a blog is a little bit structured, it is feasible to export/import from one host to another all the content and almost all the metadata.

It is just that the applications are missing, at least in the OSS world.

There are a few progress :

But it would make more sense to have a stand alone application which would import/export/synchronize to different blog platforms and hosts. Maybe with the progress of Atom/feeds libraries like ROME or Abdera and individual work like Yichao did, it will become a reality.

Wait and see …

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