java 6 on Linux and JPackage

I wanted a clean install that use alternatives. So I go to JPackage … the point is that they are a bit outdated on a few points :

  • The recommended method “Rebuild the package” doesn’t fit anymore with Java 6. There is only a sun-compat packaeg and no “no-src” package.
  • The repository for Fedora “ready for use” is using mirrors pointing to the 1.6 JPackage version that doesn’t features Java 6. You have to manually write the yum.d/jpackage.repo to use JPackage 1.7.
  • The RPM for java-1.6.0-sun-compat is in the non-free section of 1.7 beta. (Note : there is a 5.0 that is supposed to match Java 5, but no 6.0 so far.

Anyway, I installed the JDK 6.0 for AMD64 from Sun and then the java-1.6.0-sun-compat and it went well. Installed Eclipse 3.2 with yum to try out. It seems OK so far.

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