Konsole session save and restore

It is possible to save and restore a “Profile” with multiple “Sessions” via Konsole Help (XTerm emulator).

A Session is a console, a shell, whatever is opened in a new tab. The Profile is a group of Sessions.

So once you have opened many shells, connected to distant SSH servers, named your tabs and typed some command like tail -f /var/log/... | grep -v boring

What if you crash or reboot your machine? Redoo all this work ? No ! Because you would have save your Konsole Menu : Settings ... / Save Sessions Profile ... You just type a name MySessions and Konsole will create the file in /home/username/.kde/share/apps/konsole/profiles/.

You can easily restore the Sessions with konsole --profile MySessions You can see the profile list with konsole --profiles.

Even better, you can edit the file vi /home/username/.kde/share/apps/konsole/profiles/MySessions , this way, you can type in the commands like tail -f ...

Sadly there is no menu to restore the session, so you have to launch konsole to launch konsole --profile MySession and then close the first konsole …

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One Response to Konsole session save and restore

  1. karrrlito says:

    You can create a desktop icon with the commande konsole –profile MyProfile to launch it out a konsole. And then put this on the kicker 🙂
    However, you say that by editing the file which was create by konsole you are able to launch commands, but it’s not this easy. I mean you have to write “Args2=/bin/bash,-c,sudo su – scom” where 2 is for the session 2 just to log within another account. And i wonder how you may launch something like tail in your konsole.

    If you are able to answer i will be very happy 😀

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