Open Source Social Networks

10 October 2007

Most of the Social Network sites are not Open Source : FaceBook, Plaxo, MySpace,, LinkedIn …
I searched for some and here is what I found so far :

  • Mugshot is an open project sponsored by Red Hat.
  • Elgg looks more like a CMS/blogging platform. But you have to install your own.
  • Barnraiser the tools you need to take control of your identity and social network on the web. AROUNDMe is a suite of social tools; a social toolkit from which you can build your Internet identity, create networks and contribute to collaborative environments. Need to search more.
  • The Appleseed Project is an effort to create open source Social Networking software that is based on a distributed model.

Obviously, it needs more work

Could your PC participate to Open Source ?

10 October 2007

I feel frustrated not to participate enough in Open Source. But my PC is running 24/24 …

Would it be possible to use that power to fuel OpenSource ? Currently I run Folding@home, bittorrent, hesitated about TOR, but would it be possible to be part of a cluster of some kind ? To share some CPU or HD ?

I guess that at some point Linux PC will get a critical mass of participating potential that should be given back.

Would it be possible to give Open Source Project the same distributed system that
Google & IBM giving students a distributed systems lab using Hadoop.