If You P2P Download In France: No Internet For You

It not that I am for piracy, but this :

French president Nicolas Sarkozy endorsed the deal with rhetoric that is bound to win him an Honorary Life Membership of both the RIAA and MPAA: “We run the risk of witnessing a genuine destruction of culture…The Internet must not become a high-tech Far West, a lawless zone where outlaws can pillage works with abandon or, worse, trade in them in total impunity. And on whose backs? On artists’ backs.” TechCrunch

Under the agreement — drawn up by a commission headed by the chief executive of FNAC, one of France’s biggest music and film retailers
France Sets Sanctions Against Internet Piracy

This is SO wrong ! The industry suffer from their inability to adapt to a new world. I used to buy the same albums in different formats : as tape, Vinyl, CD. They used to make easy money. Now, they will make money again when they bring something valuable to the customer. But it seems to be easier to spread some fallacies and get some government help, than finding a good idea.
I doubt that fighting against the customers is a good idea to bring them back. Not to mention that there is already a tax for all electronic storage devices …

As for the artists, they are turning their back on the “industry” (at least those who prefer people to listen than to buy and those who are not Sarkozy’s friends) :

The Inevitable March of Recorded Music Towards Free
Artists like Prince and Nine Inch Nails are flouting their labels and either giving music away or telling their fans to steal it. Another blow earlier this week: Radiohead, which is no longer controlled by their label, Capitol Records, put their new digital album on sale on the Internet for whatever price people want to pay for it.

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