Netbeans, Glassfish with JSF dev with FreeNX

So it works. OK I had to add 1Go RAM (1 Go wasn’t enough). I should have get 2Go from the beginning ! I had to install SUN JDK 6 because IcedTea didn’t work with Glassfish nor Netbeans, there is a strange security problem.

But now :

  • I can remotely connect to my home with FreeNX
  • Launch Netbeans 6, Glassfish, JavaDB and develop JSF
  • Epiphany is configured as the web browser (lighter than Firefox)
  • XFCE 4 as the desktop environment (again, lighter than Gnome or KDE)
  • Fedora 8 x64 with some services (FTP, HTTP …) running

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