java 6 on Linux and JPackage

27 March 2007

I wanted a clean install that use alternatives. So I go to JPackage … the point is that they are a bit outdated on a few points :

  • The recommended method “Rebuild the package” doesn’t fit anymore with Java 6. There is only a sun-compat packaeg and no “no-src” package.
  • The repository for Fedora “ready for use” is using mirrors pointing to the 1.6 JPackage version that doesn’t features Java 6. You have to manually write the yum.d/jpackage.repo to use JPackage 1.7.
  • The RPM for java-1.6.0-sun-compat is in the non-free section of 1.7 beta. (Note : there is a 5.0 that is supposed to match Java 5, but no 6.0 so far.

Anyway, I installed the JDK 6.0 for AMD64 from Sun and then the java-1.6.0-sun-compat and it went well. Installed Eclipse 3.2 with yum to try out. It seems OK so far.

Shortcuts and useful tricks

23 March 2007

Don’t loose time with your mouse :

  • Switch tabs on Firefox : Ctrl + Page up or Page Down
  • Switch tabs on Konsole : Shift + Left or Right

Useful on Linux :

  • Let say that you would like all file created in a directory dev to belong to group “users” instead of your personal group :
  1. Change the dev groupĀ  to “users” chgrp users dev
  2. Give him the set gid bit : chmod g+s dev
  3. Check if it is OK : ll should show drwxrwsr-x …